Master craftsmen of the metal

Celato Rito s.r.l., thanks to its century-long experience in the artistic manufacturing of metals, carries on his study and research both in the market of objects and vases with the collection "CELATORITO classic" and in the contemporary world of design with the collection "CUPROOM design" which includes furniture and furnishing. Our metal creations embody the Italian artistic sensibility, deeply connected with the artistic culture of Venice and Veneto that brings to artistic solutions of high technological quality and manufacture neatness through the manual manufacturing of metal only, without also the use of technical mechanical tools.
Each realization, from a mere object, becomes an authentic artwork.

The strength of our products is that each one is entirely handmade. It offers unique features and solutions unconcealed until now like: the indestructibility, the uniqueness of every single piece, the original and unconventional shape, the availability in different sizes (also big sizes) and the eco-compatibility, using recyclable metals such as copper and steel/aluminium. Last but not the least, we make available our experience and ability to realize custom projects that reflects fully the customer's needs.

Quality & Resistance

Celato Rito srl is the deeper research and care in details for metal furniture, thought to make your home and your environment a warm and comfortable place.
A special treatment protects every our products from the natural oxidation of the metal and make it remaining new and pleasant for long time.

Style & Design

Celato Rito srl is the way to furnish absolutely contemporary. Linearity and simplicity draw an always new furnishing place. We translate each singular furnishing element in style and elegance, where the forms will shape in a particular game of light and shadows, creating a warm and refined atmosphere.


The punching is made on each product. It shows the brand "CELATORITO classic" or "CUPROOM design" and the words "MADE IN ITALY" guarantee for ever the authorship, the origin and the quality of the metal product.


For the environment, for the history, for the nature in which we are and for our welfare and the one of the future generation, we want to use natural and recyclable materials like copper. We report this concept even in our modern collection CUPROOM showing the willing to perseverate in our promise as a company to protect our planet.

Metal work detail

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Our designers

  • Abbiamo ricevuto oggi i vostri oggetti...
    ancora complimenti: sono davvero belli!!

    Francesca S.

  • Grazie! Il lavoro è a dir poco PERFETTO.
    Un caro saluto

    Andrea D.

  • Colis bien reçu et en bon ètat.
    Sommes très satisfaits du produit.
    Merci encore!

    Corinne M.

  • Thank you for sending our order to Vilnius. Well received, very nice packaging.

    Marius D.