A tradition that has been handed down the centuries

The story of the Celato family from Biadene began around 1789, the year in which the French Revolution started. Giobatta Celato lived in Biadene and worked in the forge in Pederiva as a "blacksmith". His son, Giovanni, followed in his father’s footsteps and the family’s work was described as artistic while the grandson, Giovanni Battista Celato, moved to Ciano del Montello where he worked in the forge near the parish church in Rivasecca. In 1890, Luigi Celato, Giovanni Battista Celato's son, bought the Nardi family's old forge in Pederiva.

Artistic metal works
Artistic metal works
Artistic metal works

The old forge
in Pederiva

According to family stories, the running of the Pederiva forge was combined with the work in Rivasecca, with long-lasting memories of setting off at dawn from Ciano to reach to Pederiva on foot; the forges were then lit and the work of shaping iron began. In the evening, blackened by smoke and iron which was washed off in the hot water of the bucket used to cool the forged articles and then, they set off for home on foot again.

Artistic metal works
Artistic metal works
The Celato family in the
20th century and today.

The start of the 20th century was marked by difficulty and worry. The work at the forge continued even though all the able-bodied men were called up to serve in the First World War. The work stoppage, evacuation of the local people and damage caused by the constant movement of the troops meant that work was “lean” during the war years. The end of the war saw the return of the soldiers, the restarting of businesses and the advent of progress which also saw changes in the Celato forge with the era of electricity and the renewal of the mill and work in the forge. The business continued and blossomed. From working as blacksmiths, producing and repairing agricultural tools, the family transitioned to producing decorative ironwork, followed by metal plant and flower pots.

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Artistic metal works

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