30 Mar 2018

The new 4seasons collection by CELATO RITO is inspired by nature on its many colors: the smiling  and infinite colors of spring, the warm shades of summer, the tender and fruiting autumn and the grey of winter.

We have found all these nuances and colors in our natural materials such as copper, brass, iron, aluminum and zinc in all the various variations from polished to satin to naturally oxidized.

This play of emotions, tactile sensations and visual expressions recline and become one in the various cabinets, tables and objects of daily life, because our environment must represent our way of being and enjoying life; in the its lights and its colors, sometimes bright and sometimes tenuous.

The creativity and dexterity represent our work and thus transform objects into natural identities, like a flower, where the individual petals are single pieces of natural metal that tells with its own image and signs the passing of time and the vitality of the nature.